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Campus safety and security are always a top priority

Campus security is always one of the top questions and concerns for students and, most of all, parents. Students need to feel comfortable walking on campus and parents need peace of mind that their children are safe while at school.

National offers a comprehensive security team in partnership with Synergy. Synergy works with your existing campus security team to create a friendly, low-risk environment so students feel safe anywhere and at all times. We work within your budget to ensure:

  • Trained, uniformed professionals are integrated into daily campus life
  • A community atmosphere exists 24 hours a day while campus rules and safety are also enforced

Security professionals are managed under National’s umbrella so you can be relieved of this responsibility and know your campus is in good hands.

On each campus we try to create ‘community policing.’ This is where enforcement takes a backseat to providing safety and to providing assistance. We want to be known for being helpful first.”

– Mike Chappell, Security Supervisor

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