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We keep your campus running smoothly, inside and out

You have a college to take care of—student needs, administrators, campus life as well as operational functions—the list can go on and on. National understands that facilities management can be challenging, especially while also keeping within budget constraints.

A great deal goes into maintaining the infrastructure of your campus and, luckily, National has years of experience in delivering cost-effective solutions.

National provides:

  • A comprehensive plan that works within your existing budget
  • A staff that fully integrates with your campus operations to meet your needs in a timely manner—putting your campus at the top of its class
  • Minimized overhead costs and reduction in current spending

National plugged right in, there were no seams to speak of—their staff is part of our staff. And the success of our working toward mutual goals is evident right away.”

– Dr. Harley Knowles, President, Tennessee Wesleyan College

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With more than three decades of experience exclusively supporting small and mid-sized private universities, National Management Resources is a facilities management services provider focused on maintaining pristine campus environments…